Donnerstag, April 08, 2010

Designing a web page for Debian

Some days ago I wanted to create a page that displays your override bugs against the virtual package in a way that allows simple copy pasting the dak command from it. The functionality should be similar to the existing removals page. The result of my work can be seen at I could not find a HTML/CSS template that looks like an official Debian page - what a pity. That is why I have stripped down the existing removal page and tried to make it more appealing. Finding two colors that suit the background color of our title was another challenge. I hope you like it.

Please don't tell me that my page is using Javascript. It is 2010.


Marius Gedminas hat gesagt…

What's the point of highlight-on-hover when the items thus higlighted don't do anything when you click on them?

Torsten Werner hat gesagt…

It is easier to spot where the mouse cursor is located. I am usually triple clicking in the box to select the full dak command.

bzed hat gesagt…

That bright green makes my eyes bleed.... otherwise - good work!