Samstag, Juni 19, 2010

Results from the Debian Community Poll

I have announced the Debian Community Poll in my former blog post. I have closed the poll today and I will start publishing its results now.

What is the codename of the current stable release?

This is the only compulsory question with the intention to block spammers. The correct codename is Lenny but I have accepted almost any answer that is somehow related to Debian. Version numbers, names from Sarge to Experimental, even well known codenames and version numbers from Ubuntu have been counted as correct. 22 partipants answered wrongly and their submissions got removed from the result set. A whopping number of 3258 submissions have been accepted and get analyzed now. Thanks to all participants!

How long have you been using Debian?

  • 33.6% answered 6 - 10 years
  • 32.7% answered 2 - 5 years
  • 16.6% answered more than 10 years
  • 15.5% answered 0 - 2 years
  • 1.7% did not answer

On what kind of hardware are you using Debian?

Multiple answers are allowed for this question and that is why the values do not sum up to 100%.
  • 80.5% are using Debian on the desktop
  • 62.4% on the server
  • 56.9% on the notebook
  • 21.7% on the netbook
  • 11.6% on embedded device(s)
  • 3.2% on other device(s)
The following other devices have been mentioned: smartphone, virtual machine, nettop, NAS, HTPC, workstation, pendrive, live cd, cluster, thin client, router, rocket flight computer, ibm mainframe, and automatic bar tender.

Do you contribute to Debian?

  • 50.0% choose answer #5: I don't contribute on a regular base.
  • 31.2% choose answer #4: I'm regularly helping other Debian users.
  • 8.0% choose other (see below) or simply did not answer
  • 4.9% choose answer #3: I'm regularly contributing to Debian packages without uploading them by myself.
  • 4.5% choose answer #1: I'm a Debian developer.
  • 1.4% choose answer #2: I'm a Debian maintainer.
The following other answers have been provided:
  • upstream developer or contributor
  • translator
  • bug reporter
  • advocator
  • former DD or DM
  • prospective DD or DM
  • mirror maintainer
  • package/installer tester
  • documentation writer
  • donator or debconf sponsor
  • debconf organizer or helper

How do you think about the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG)?

  • 46.0% choose answer #2: I like the DFSG but it is not the most important reason for using Debian.
  • 36.6% choose answer #1: The DFSG is very important to me. I could live with many changes in Debian but I would be very upset if Debian would allow non-free software into its main component in the future.
  • 10.1% choose answer #3: I don't know.
  • 4.9% choose answer #4: I don't care.
  • 2.4% did not answer.

Are you using Debian derived distributions, too?

Multiple answers are allowed for this question and that is why the values do not sum up to 100%. There were a lot of different answers but the most frequent are:
  • 47.1%: Ubuntu (Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu)
  • 40.8%: no answer; this was the only way to say that someone does not use a derived distribution
  • 11.0%: other (see below)
  • 7.0%: damn small linux
  • 4.8%: Sidux
  • 4.3%: grml (juxlala)
  • 2.2%: Knoppix
  • 1.6%: ELive
  • 1.4%: Maemo
The other answer includes the following distributions: 64studio, ALT Linux, arch linux, ArtistX, BackTrack, BRLix, Canaima GNU/Linux, catix,, CloneZilla, CrunchBang, Custom, ddwrt, debian arm userspace for zipit z2, DebXO (?), DreamLinux, Easy Peasy, eb4, eeebuntu, EMC2 Ubuntu (, Emdebian, Estrella Roja, Fedora, Finnix, Gentoo, gNewSense, Hackable:1, Kanotix, Kuliax, LFS and CLFS, LinEx, Linux Mint, live CDs, live-helper, Mepis antix, Musix, My own LiveCD, Mythbuntu, OpenInkpot, openwrt, paipix gnu, Parsix, Peppermint, personal debian derived, proxmox, Puppy, PureOS, qtopia, SHR, simplyMEPIS, Skolelinux, slackware, SymphonyOS, Toutou, Trisquel, tty GNU/Linux, UHU Linux, Univention Corporate Server, vinux, Voyage, Vyatta, whiite, Xandros, Xarnoppix. Not all of them are derived from Debian.

- to be continued -


kaeso hat gesagt…

DebXO is a sid chroot targeted for the OLPC system.

Anon3yGU2yhu hat gesagt…

I'd love to know what range of answers you got for the anti-spam question. How many "lenny", how many for other Debian codenames, how many version numbers, how many Ubuntu codenames?

And, for that matter, what did the 22 wrong answers say?

Torsten Werner hat gesagt…

Analyzing a free text field like the anti-spam question is really a lot of work. Most answers were Lenny with or without typos or a version number starting with 5. Some examples for wrong answers are xxl, user, lesthack, and tuyjtyujyuj.

Torsten Werner hat gesagt…

Thanks for the explanation of DebXO. The question mark after DebXO was submitted by the participant and not added by myself.

Anon7ybaGUtu hat gesagt…

The DFSG question is kinda disturbing. Perhaps we need to be more outdated, have less quality and start more flamewars?

Anon3E4Asy7e hat gesagt…

"The DFSG question is kinda disturbing."

What about the results disturbed you?

dion hat gesagt…

The interesting part that larger part of user uses debian for >=6 years..

Varun Mishra hat gesagt…

its really informative post for us
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